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Douglas Bennion

...about me

I was born, grew up and spent a great deal of my life in the desert southwest. The subtle colors and bold shapes influenced my work from the beginning.

Now, after living in the pacific northwest for some time I'm seeing the colors, patterns and textures of the forest and the coast have found their way into my work...

As a child, and throughout my life, I've been fortunate to have been exposed to a great deal of artwork, and to the artists and craftsmen. I didn't grow up around art museums or gallery's. But, the offices and churches, and everyday homes had artwork on their walls, sometimes it was just decor, but more often, it was the artwork of regional and local artists.

I was always drawing, and then I started painting. I was encouraged to just do what I was doing. I do enjoy doing it, and others seem to find their own enjoyment from it as well. I like that.

...and my work

My paintings are figurative, at times conceptual. It was once labeled neo-realism. The subjects come from my surroundings. I like ceremonies, the structure of nature and folktale. Landscapes provide a vehicle to explore warm and cool colors and visual texture inside the illusion of space. Whatever the subject, it is found within the elements; the play of the colors, and the lines and forms that create the image. I want to provide a spark to light the imagination rather than a snap shot.....

I have been fortunate to have had my work represented by a number of fine galleries over the decades, and too have many of my originals held in private, corporate, and public collections throughout the world.

Most of my paintings are watercolors. In the late 70’s I started painting primarily on paper made from various rice papers. My paintings are framed with hand-finished, solid hardwood moldings, usually Black Walnut, and are always matted to archival standards.