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Douglas Bennion

...the general care and handling of artwork

Artwork should never be displayed in direct sunlight. If sunlight enters a room through a window or skylight, illuminating a wall where a painting is hung, and even though it would seem a good option, even for a short period of time, the artwork runs the risk of significant fading. Even UV rated glass or acrylic will not provide adequate protection for exposing any artwork to direct sunlight.

When cleaning the glass on your framed artwork, spray the glass cleaner into a soft rag and never directly onto the glass as it can run down and seep between the frame and glass, migrating up onto the matting or print, causing permanent discoloration.

Like all fine artwork, prints are fragile and should remain in the protective bag until framed. They can be damaged by fingerprints, scuffing or scratching the surface, humidity, water droplets, or creasing of the paper by improper handling. Even after washing your hands, moisture and natural oils can damage the print.

We strongly suggest working with a professional frame shop, allowing only a professional framer to directly handle your print. We strongly suggest that all materials that come in contact with your print are acid-free. Your museum quality print was created using only the highest quality paper and inks rated to last for generations. Although cost is a factor, we would also recommend using a UV rated glass or acrylic to further protect your investment.


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